WHERE DO YOU FIT IN?  Not everyone can be a foster parent, but we believe everyone can find an area to serve in the foster community.


One of the best ways to bless a foster family is to take away the worry of dinner and allow them to look forward to a homemade, hot meal delivered to their doorstep.

Preparing frozen meals for foster families to use in a hectic time is a great way for your group of friends, family, co-workers, or church group to get involved.


The first week of taking in a new child can be filled with medical/dental appointments, court appointments, sibling visits, school registration, buying clothes, shoes, etc. 

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Our supply ministry is designed to assist foster families with any needed supplies necessary for the care of children who are in their home.

It is especially needed when first taking in a foster child as they often come with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.If you feel this is an area that you can help please contact us.

We need people to give financially as it is often easier to give gift cards which allow the foster parent to pick the items they prefer when shopping for necessities such as car seats, appropriately sized clothing, shoes, school supplies, bed linens, etc. While foster families do receive some financial assistance from the state, it is not nearly all inclusive.

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When PurposeOne:27 formed in 2017, foster parents informed us that the closest support group was in Okaloosa County.

Our monthly support group meetings are a great time to meet and get to know our local foster parents.

Foster parents who would like to participate in our Support Group Ministry please contact us for further details.

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Our desire is to help connect:

1 – Foster parents with resources they will find helpful along their foster journey
2 – Potential foster parents with resources to get started on their foster journey
3 – People in our community with opportunities to help minister to a local foster family

Please visit our “Foster Families” page for connections you may find beneficial.


PurposeOne:27 strongly believes in the power of prayer. Would you be able to commit to praying for a foster family?

Our foster families tell us that knowing someone is praying for them brings them great comfort.

They have many prayer needs…..Contact us and we will plug you into our prayer ministry!

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Would you like to offer your services to show foster families you support them?

Do you have a service that a foster family or child could benefit from?

When you partner with PurposeOne:27 we are able to ensure that your services go to local, active foster homes. We need businesses in every part of the county because our foster parents live in all areas from Paxton to Santa Rosa Beach and all in between. Contact Gina Johnson at 850-830-7533.

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Would you like to replicate a foster support ministry in your church or community? Our dream is that every county in Florida has a PurposeOne:27 or similar ministry to support foster families so that no child has to go out of their community for placement. We dream of having a loving home for every child who needs one. Let us come teach you how to implement your own foster support system.

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Find out how you can GET INVOLVED…

Whether you want to invest your time, talent or finances, there is always a way to help support the foster community.