Our volunteers help to lift the burden off of our local foster families in numerous ways.  From a simple, homecooked meal to offering to assist at our respite events, committing to prayer or simply checking in on a family, it is the simple things that make foster families feel appreciated.  Our desire is that every foster family feels they live in a community of people who love and support them. PurposeOne:27 volunteer’s support helps to strengthen the foster family who in turn can be there for the needs of the child.  Our support helps them to stay in the game, fights burn out and ultimately reduces the number of homes available to the least fortunate children in our county. You can volunteer as much or as little as you like.  There is no minimum commitment. Please look over “Our Purpose” page to see specific ways you can plug in.  Contact us to get involved.


Our local business partners play an invaluable role in supporting our local foster parents. As an up and coming ministry, we are excited to already have local businesses who have been eager to help and faithful to serve our foster ministry. In an effort to show support to our foster families and help to lift the weight that comes with opening your home to traumatized kids, PurposeOne:27’s goal is to have numerous local business partners offering services so that our families feel supported and appreciated by their local community. We want Walton County to be the example for other counties in the state and the country for how to eradicate a foster home shortage through love and support in ways that are tangible. We need restaurants, nail salons, hair salons, lawn services, home maintenance and repair, etc to offer support for our local foster families. What better way to make them stay in the game of fostering than to wrap the arms of the community around them! You simply tell us what service you’d like to offer and how often and we will ensure that the help gets to the right people. So often by offering these services it also provides an opportunity for you to meet and get to know these families and that is an experience that will bless you and them! Do you have a service that could help a foster family? Please Email Gina Johnson or call 850-830-7533.


Are you interested in learning more about foster care but aren’t sure how to get started?

PurposeOne:27 can help in two ways: first, we can connect you with actual foster parents who would love to answer your questions, second, we can connect you with Families First Network who trains and licenses new foster homes so that you can get started, and finally, once you are on your way to fostering PurposeOne:27 would love to help support you in your journey.

Thomas Williams, Families First Network – 850-432-1222 or

If you need additional assistance, please email Gina Johnson or call 850-830-7533.


When you make financial contributions to PurposeOne:27 you are supporting local foster families in various ways. We use your financial donations to assist with cost of clothes, toiletries, bedding, school supplies, diapers, wipes, etc, to help a new foster family get started out. We also try to help these families with occasional sitter services so they can have some time for self-care. Families who choose to foster do so knowing it will not be easy and burn out is common. Through monetary donations you can help lift the burden these families carry and they become aware that they live in a community that support them and cares about their sacrifice. This is not a problem in another country or even in another state. This is our home and this is our problem. We cannot all be a foster parent but we can surely all help someone who can! Monetary donations also help PurposeOne:27 to raise awareness of the foster home crisis in our community. If you’d like to join us in wrapping the arms of our community around these foster families please email Gina Johnson to make a donation through our Venmo account.

PurposeOne:27: Walton County FL Foster Support


Did you know that there are many foster children up for adoption in the State of Florida? Even right here in Walton County? Our county and state need people who are willing to adopt and give a child a permanent home.

To learn about children who are available for adoption in Florida and the adoption process please visit FFN.

Reasons why you should get involved with PurposeOne:27

Our leadership board, volunteers, foster parents and community members know why they wanted to be part of PurposeOne:27 and here is what they have to say about why you should be involved.

The cycle of abuse that repeats itself generation after generation can be stopped by showing the love of Christ.  This can be through a meal to a family who has said “yes” fostering or taking a child in yourself.

Jesus said we would be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.  To me, that means we start at home and we impact our community which impacts our county with ever widening ripples.

The biggest impact you can have on the future is to impact the next generation.

PurposeOne:27: Walton County FL Foster Support

The community needs to be more aware of the crisis that is going on right here in our own county.  {former FFN case worker}

Children reap the repercussions of adult decisions and those decisions shape who they become.

Children deserve the opportunity to dream, set goals, and achieve success.
{foster parent}

Children cannot thrive and reach their full potential when they live in survival mode.
{foster parent}

By investing in children you invest in the future.

PurposeOne:27: Walton County FL Foster Support

We are called to support, encourage and meet the needs of God’s children so they can live victorious.

Because Jesus said so (James 1:27).

The commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves requires action.  Love is a verb.

“Supporting foster families is a tangible way to show the love of Christ.”

All children need and DESERVE to feel safe and loved.

As a foster parent, we need support and to know that we are not alone. {foster parent}

Any person with a willing and loving heart can help meet the needs of a foster child.